Aug - 23 - 2019

Excel Gurus Gone Wild - Bill Jelen

This book is unlike any other Excel book. Fist of all, you had better be pretty good with Excel when you open it, because if you are not then you won't understand anything that is covered. Second, the book covers a lot of territory that you may or may not have cause to use at the time you read the book. So you either need to be able to remember the approaches or have the book available as a reference. However, be aware that it is not a very large book and it probably should not be the first play you look for solutions to *common* problems. The book is arranged in three sections:

  1. Formulas - This section covers solutions to complex formula problems such as summing every third (or other) row, techniques and reasons for using boolean values in numeric formulae, and a few other specific things.
  2. Techniques - This section is less specific to individual problems and instead introduces a mindset through which various problems can be addressed. These include things like creating hyperlink menus or adding formulas to SmartArt.
  3. Macros - The macros section introduces a few VB techniques that allow for options that simply cannot be accomplished through the use of formulas.

There is also an appendix that has an alphabetical listing of the excel formulas. This alone may be worth the price of the book just to have it handy.

Rating: Borrow it.
Amazon link: Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel


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