Nov - 15 - 2019

Jon Bennett

A Brief Introduction

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and spent my early years learning electronics and computer programming. My father was especially helpful by interesting me in Amateur Radio and the associated electronics training required to attain a license. During high school I developed an interest in computers and computer programming. This enabled me to get my first job as a programming assistant.

Over the years I held various computer and electronics-related jobs in process control, embedded programming, and avionics testing. In 1984 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and continued my career as an electronics technician and computer programmer. I worked on satellite and radar systems, communications programming, database programming, and finally Internet applications.

As I worked in various companies, and set up small consultancies, I became a team leader, a technical manager, and executive. After 27 years in "the real world" I returned to college to get my degree in business.

In the spring of 2010 I completed my BBA at the Ohio University College of Business. I triple majored in Management and Strategic Leadership, Finance, and Marketing. In July of 2011 I completed the Ohio University Integrated MBA program. The curriculum at OU was excellent and the experience at the Voinovich school was especially valuable. For more information on my education select the education link above.

When I am not studying, I spend time with my wife and family or fly various radio-controlled aircraft. I especially like the helicopters.

For additional work-related information please see my profile on linked-in, or my résumé.

If I am online please feel free to Skype me by pressing the button below.

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