Jan - 25 - 2020

Opening a Plasma-Cut Art Business

Last year I purchased a Torchmate 2 CNC Plasma Cutting Table and began to study CNC plasma cutting. With my background in automation, robotics, electronics, and computer programming this machine was as familiar to me as anything I have ever operated.

You can see some photographs of the building process here.

Part of the plan when I purchased the table was to open a busienss with the CNC plasma cutting capability as the centerpiece. I created the LLC on April 9th, 2014 and am now open for business! The company is focused on the Art, DIY, maker, welder, and metal fabricator communities and offers everything from custom one-off designs through medium-scale production runs. Materials include mild steels up to 1/2" as well as various thicknesses of aluminum.

The name of the Ohio Limited Liability Company is Scindo Ltd. More information is available at the Scindo web site.

Now the real work begins.

Second Installment of the Business Philosophy White Papers Series

The second installment of the Business Philosophy White Papers Series entitled Simple Inventory Management is available. This paper, and its associated Excel spreadsheet, examine the implications of poor inventory management on the cash needs of the company. The proposed solution modeled in the paper involves a simple-to-use statistical model that allows the manager to manage both the desired customer service level and the cash tied up in inventory.

Click here for the full article: Simple Inventory Management

Business Philosophy Whitepapers Series

Introducing a new series of articles entitled the Business Philosophy Whitepapers Series. These papers examine various aspects of business management starting with the principles, policies, and practices that put businesses at risk and ending with the principles, policies, and practices that allow businesses to thrive.

These articles are written in plain non-MBA English and intended for a broad audience of business owners and managers. Each article examines some principle that affects business health and discusses various risks and approaches to improvement.

The inaugural piece in this series, and the piece that sets the tone for the principles, policies, and practices that put businesses at risk is entitled How Businesses Die and is available here.

Site Moved to a new web host

Due to ongoing issues with my previous web service provider, I decided to change to another hosting service. The actual change only took two days and involved moving the Joomla! database through a SQL dump and import. The most challenging thing was the fact that I had a couple of Joomla! components installed and they had to be carefully relocated to the new service. All in all not a terribly difficult process, but it had its subtleties.

I'm also now running Joomla! 2.5.2!

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